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A normal day on

- Login doesn't work because of 2FA
- Ok, Google for options.
- Use Chrome in incognito instead of Firefox.
- Nope, not working...
- Synchronise phone.
- Doesn't work.
- Change WIFI DNS to Google DNS
- Yes! it synchronises
- Login! No, doesn't work, Bittrex detected another ip.
- Click link in email and whitelist ip.
- Login...Yes! it works.
- Try a 0.02 BTC withdrawal with 0.039 available balance.
- Doesn't work.
- Another try to a different BTC-address.
- Nope nothing...pfffff
- Delete all withdrawal whitelist addresses and try again.
- Nothing....$GGRR&&*()&#$^#@@@GGRR@&^&**FUUUCK!!! .... I give up.
- Logout.
- Lets wait a while, maybe tomorrow is a better day.

But I doubt it.

withdraw failed

Reageer (0) 27.06.2018. 23:07