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Signing in to Youtube with help of Roboform in 2017

If you want to sign in into Youtube these days this is what you'll have to do.

Go to Next hit login in your password manager. Than hit login >> edit and copy the emailaddress that is also your username. Go back to Youtube and paste it in the email (or phone) field and hit next. Wow! now you can use Roboform as intended. (Kind of). Hit the Passcard button and it will sign in with the password. But only after you hit "next". At this stage you will be redirected to a realy stupid 'Control your Google experience' page.

Go to your browser menu and hit "History" >> "Show all history". There you will find the page you were on. And now, at last, you can hit the like button underneath the video that you desperately wanted to hit.
Easy peasy japanesey.

Most people always stay signed in but there are still a few that use desktops, delete cookies and hit logout buttons.

Google obviously doesn't care about all this and think that they're doing a great job. Well...not...

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